Renting a plot

Do you want to rent a small plot for growing vegetables etc.?

All the allotment sites (siirtolapuutarha) that are members of the Federation of Finnish Allotment Gardens have a small cottage. To get an allotment garden with a cottage you have to buy the cottage - the rules do not allow renting.

If you only want to rent a plot of land for cultivation (viljelypalsta), you have to get in touch with an association that rents land for this purpose. The Federation doesn't have information on these. Below a listing of links to further information in some of the major cities. Unfortunately the information is mainly available in Finnish only. 

Some basic information

The cost for renting a plot differs widely - depending on eg. city and services offered to the tenants. 

Usually a gardener can keep the plot for several years - if they follow the rules - and only plots that has become vacant will be set for rent for the next season.

The time for applications differs. Some associations have restricted the time to a certain period during spring (often March-April), while other associations take in applications throughout the year.

Select the areas you are interested in and get in touch with the associations that runs these areas for further information.